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How your birth unfolds matters.

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A certified doula provides continuous support


Birth Doula Support

Birth matters.


At Bien Aime, our goal is to provide the essential ingredients so you can give birth in a way that feels right for you – whether that includes an epidural in the hospital or a water birth in your living room. With a team of passionate birth doulas, that specialize in many different areas of pregnancy and birth, you’ll be sure to find someone you trust and connect with. Our birth doula packages provide support before, during, and after childbirth. Each of our birth doula’s offer specialized support packages that include pre-natal support, postpartum care, 24/7 support beginning at 37 weeks, and full attendance at your birth.


The evidence for doulas.

Decrease Interventions

Women who use a doula during their birth have a decrease in pitocin use, cesareans, pain medication, and NICU admittance. They are statistically more likely to feel less pain when the doula is present. An epidural is always an option, but often women who have continuous support don’t need it.

Increase Satisfaction

A birth doula knows all of the tools to use in labour to help a women and her partner have a positive experience. We bring out each tool when needed. We act as a “buffer” in certain environments by providing continuous support and companionship to help promote the mother’s self esteem.

Know Your Options

At Bien Aime we encourage our clients to keep all their options on the table. We make sure they are informed when consenting to any procedures, present non biased research, and teach them how to use their “B.R.A.I.N” in labour. When parents give birth in confidence, they can parent in confidence.


Package Details.

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  • Two Prenatal Visits
  • Personalized Client Folder
  • TENS machine Rental and/or Peanut Ball
  • Continuous Labour Support
  • 1 Hour of In-Home Postpartum Care


Best Value
  • Three Prenatal Visits
  • Personalized Client Folder
  • TENS Machine Rental and/or Peanut Ball
  • Continuous Labour Support
  • Birth Story Photography
  • 3 Meals for Postpartum
  •  1 Hour of Private Lactation Consultant Care
  • A Postpartum Planner
  • 5 Hours of Postpartum Care