Erin Dupuis

Erin Dupuis

Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

After experiencing a very difficult postpartum period following the birth of her first child, Erin felt overwhelmed, had no energy, and experienced postpartum depression. She began researching for a way to ease the postpartum transition for her next baby. One of her friends pointed her in the direction of placenta consumption.

She decided to encapsulate her placenta for her second pregnancy and was blown away by how different of an experience it was. She realized birth recovery didn’t have to be so difficult and made it her mission to help moms facing the same issues.

Erin specializes in both raw and basic heated methods for encapsulation. She loves supporting women through their postpartum period by providing them a means to feel happier, healthier, and more balanced with placenta encapsulation.

Education & Credentials


Safe Food Handling Certificate

The goal of the SMDHU Food Handler Certification Course is to train individuals, who prepare and/or serve food to the public, to become responsible food handlers by using safe food handling methods and to promote worker health and safety. Learn More


Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate

 This placenta encapsulation specialists industry specific course is carefully developed by Biologix Solutions LLC’s infectious disease specialist to provide the most current information/recommendations on prevention of transmission of bloodborne pathogens and other common infections while providing placenta encapsulation services. Learn More


IPPA Certified Placenta Specialist

IPPA offers the most comprehensive and in-depth placenta and postpartum doula combination training available. IPPA has trained over 3000 placenta specialists since 2011. Learn More

Erin’s Blog

Stories and thoughts about postpartum.