The Birth of Orson Fitzgerald

On a cold Sunday morning I got a call from this mama telling me she thought she might be in labour. The baby was a week overdue. It was exciting that mom was finally going to meet him/her. She called me back that same afternoon saying that the midwives had assessed her. She was 5cm and heading to the hospital, so I packed up all my doula + photographer stuff and headed out to meet them. When I got there, it was evident that mama was deep in labour land. Mom was set up her delivery room and I started to prepare the room for her to labour in.

This babe decided that being born swiftly and efficiently was what was best. Mom was assessed at home by the midwife at 5cm, drove 20 minutes to the hospital and was already 9cm on admission. However, there were some heart rate variations and the midwives knew they needed to act quickly. The baby was on its way, and there was no time for chit chat. Due to that, she was placed on CFM. She was able to remain calm despite the extra chaos in the room, while dad and I supported her through everything else.

Rejoice with those who rejoice

Mama started pushing at 3pm and baby Orson was born at 3:55pm. As I was supporting mama through her contractions I couldn’t help but notice dad. I knew I wanted to capture some of his journey in that room. I hope that a few of these photos capture the worry, compassion, joy, and reassurance he experienced. Most noteworthy are the photos are of mama finding out what baby was. She was convinced she was having a girl, so when she found out he was a boy, she was shocked!


Welcome to the world, little one. You have been met with all the love and admiration from your mom and dad.




























Author: Toni Botas

Toni is the founder and owner of Bien Aime. Her own birth experiences led her to become a doula. Her first was traumatic and left her with PTSD. Determined not to replicate that experience, she did her research and took her second birth into her own hands, which resulted in a much more positive experience. By her third pregnancy, she knew exactly what she wanted and, with the support of a doula, had an exceptionally redeeming, empowering, and life-changing experience. It was proof of what’s possible with the right support and information – and she now works to help other women birth with confidence on their own terms. In addition to being a bebo mia-certified doula, she is also a Certified Childbirth Educator and Gentlebirth Instructor®, and certified professional member of Evidence Based Birth®. She lives in Barrie with her husband and three children.