What is A Placenta?

 For some people, the placenta is simply a disposable organ attached to the inside of a woman’s womb during pregnancy. However today we are discovering just how important the placenta has become. We know it the life source for a fetus, and acts as a comforting womb mate. Therefore it must surely offer benefits that are long lasting beyond birth. I am certain the many benefits will surprise you.
The word ‘placenta’ comes from the Latin word cake or disc shape. In fact, some people refer to the placenta as a baby’s first birthday cake because of all the amazing benefits it has to offer. It averages 22 centimeters in length, weighing 1 pound and has dark maroon-purple or blue hues. On average, the placenta is usually 1/6th of the baby’s weight. It is truly unique as no two placentas are the same, they are as unique as your fingerprint.

Mother’s considering placenta encapsulation services should know some of the things that your capsules can help with

-preventing and lessening the risk of postpartum depression or baby blues
-replenishing iron levels from blood loss during birth and to prevent postpartum anemia
-lending a consistent flow of oxytocin long after birth euphoria ends
-provides the HPL hormone to help establish early and healthy milk supply
-helps stabilize ever changing hormones post-birth
-replenishes vitamin B and energy levels post birth
-offers natural pain relief from labour and birth of the baby
-protection from infection and bleeding tissue or membranes
There are so many alternative methods of honouring your placenta such as:
-placenta extracts and tinctures,
-mother tea,
-placenta balm,
-cooking meals with the placenta,
-placenta chocolate truffles,
-chia seed pudding,
-placenta planting (Yes! You got it. Right under a tree in your backyard or maybe a rose bush.)
The options are really endless. If you want ever lasting memories maybe placenta art/keepsakes is the way to go. Feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss your options. We are currently offering 20% off our placenta encapsulation package.

Author: Jody Bosse

Jodi is a Barrie-based doula who specializes in postpartum care and placenta encapsulation. She has two young children, who she credits for teaching her that different personalities require different types of support (one is very spirited while the other is highly sensitive).
Her goal is to eliminate some of the stress of the early postpartum period by providing support, and the assistance families need in order to be able to focus on each other and bonding with their new baby. She is also well-equipped to provide breastfeeding support having breastfed both her children exclusively.