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Pain relief without side effects.

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We take the hassle out of waterbirth

Professional grade pools
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Birth Pool Rentals

La bassine professional grade pools.


Birth Pools are expensive – especially considering that most of them will only ever get a day (or maybe two) of use. So why not rent one from us instead? We rent out La Bassine Eco ORIGINAL PRO – Professional Grade Inflatable Pools, with a full drain and take-down service after your birth. This tub is oval-shaped, long enough to stretch out in, and deep enough to cover your waist. With a 3” inflatable floor, it provides wonderful comfort, and its built in handles make for easy position changes. 

Benefits of Birth Pools

There are so many benefits to water emersion during birth.

Speed Up Labour

Three out of Five research studies showed that women who give birth in water had a shorter first stage of labour compared to women who had land births.

Significant Pain Relief

Studies have shown that in some cases, water immersion may be even more effective than an epidural and without any of the side effects of narcotics.

Decrease Episiotomies

Studies have shown giving birth in water is less likely to result in 2nd degree tears, and better rates of birthing on an intact perineum.


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