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Your postpartum experience doesn’t have to include baby blues.

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Consuming your placenta can help.

Reduce postpartum depression
Increase your energy
Reduce postpartum pain

Placenta Encapsulation

Birth matters.


Placenta encapsulation is the act of taking a fresh, raw placenta, washing the placenta, steaming or slicing the placenta raw, dehydrating, grinding and putting the placenta powder into consumable capsules. All processes are done with respect and education of that placenta and in a sanitary environment. Research into the benefits of placenta encapsulation is on going. Thousands of women and many cultures across the world swear by this method to combat a number of postpartum difficulties.


 Some studies have found evidence that support the benefits of encapsulation.

Increase Milk Supply

Placenta consumption may increase the amount of lactose and the protein in the milk, thus leading to increased health and development for the baby.

Reduce Baby Blues

The placental opioid-enhancing factor increases the production of the body’s natural production of opioids, thus reducing pain and heightening mood and well-being.

Increase Energy

Hormones produced by the placenta such as the thyroid, stimulate hormones that regulate the thyroid gland, boost energy and increase recovery from stress.


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Travel fee for locations outside Barrie area
  • Placenta Capsules
  • Your choice of preparation method


Travel fee for locations outside of Barrie
  • Placenta capsules
  • Your choice of preparation method
  • Umbilical cord keepsake (optional)
  • 11”X14” Placenta print on watercolor paper
  • Placenta tincture (2oz.)Placenta Berry Smoothie

Full Placenta Cubed for Smoothies: $175