On the night you were born…

Marg carried her baby to 41 +2 days. She was determined and focused on giving birth in the comfort of her own home, and on her own terms. With strength, support, and determination, on January 24th, at 9:51pm in the evening, she did just that.

The midwives and everyone around her were no prepared for just how quickly her baby would be born. Margaret was the most determined, focused, and silent women I’ve ever seen give birth. There were a few times that not even the midwives could tell she was pushing, as Marg simply breathed her baby down and welcomed Maeve Audrey into her arms.

Her husband Dereck, and mother Sandra were incredible supports to her throughout the labour, and everyone worked as a team to keep Margaret as comfortable and focused as possible.

I have so many favourite photos from this birth, but I think my MOST favourite is the photo of grandma’s reaction. Sandra’s expression says it all. Her daughter had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl of her very own, and she burst with excitement. All the while, dad is gently holding his little girl’s hand and Marg’s face is saying “DID I JUST DO THAT?!” It’s one of those photos that you KNOW you’ll never be able to re-create, a candid moment that will never be duplicated.

I am once again, in awe and admiration of the power a woman poses during labour, and the strength she exhibits in order to bring her baby into the world.

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Author: Toni Botas

Toni is the founder and owner of Bien Aime. Her own birth experiences led her to become a doula. Her first was traumatic and left her with PTSD. Determined not to replicate that experience, she did her research and took her second birth into her own hands, which resulted in a much more positive experience. By her third pregnancy, she knew exactly what she wanted and, with the support of a doula, had an exceptionally redeeming, empowering, and life-changing experience. It was proof of what’s possible with the right support and information – and she now works to help other women birth with confidence on their own terms. In addition to being a bebo mia-certified doula, she is also a Certified Childbirth Educator and Gentlebirth Instructor®, and certified professional member of Evidence Based Birth®. She lives in Barrie with her husband and three children.