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Toni’s passion for children, women, and childbirth was evident from our very first prenatalappointment. She was well prepared and thorough in all of our appointments, and consistently asked us how we felt about the information she provided us with. Having that emotional support made a world of difference as our due date crept closer and closer. Together, we developed a comprehensive birth plan that we were able to pass along to our Midwives. Being able to make informed decisions and to discuss all aspects of labour and delivery prior to the day eased much of our anxieties. My husband and I were both so thankful to be able to have an open dialogue and ask questions without pressure, so that we would be able to handle anything that came our way with knowledge and advocacy. Toni’s easy-going personality and overall demeanor make her extremely approachable. We reflect upon our birth experiencewith such positive emotions and owe so much of that to the support we received from our Doula. Toni was a wealth of knowledge, a pillar of strength and a caring hand when we needed it the most. She is so well in tune with people’s emotions and needs. Toni takes time to make true connections with not only the mother, but with the birth partner as well which is so well reflected in the way she is able to meet the needs of her clients. We cannot say enough about Toni’s care, support and professionalism and highly recommend the services of a Doula to anyone expecting. Without a doubt, we would have Toni as our Doula again for our next child.

Amanda & Alex

At first we were a little leery and taken back by the idea of having a Doula involved with the birth of our first child not knowing exactly what was to be expected, however we feel that this was one of the most informative and supportive methods of the prenatal phase of pregnancy/birth that you can get. Toni was extremely experienced, professional, and provided unbelievable continuous support before, during, and after the birth of our son. If we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity of being able to hire Toni again for her services, we would do so without question.

Stef & Troy

I believe hiring a doula was one of the best decisions of my life. As thorough as I thought I’d been in researching all things pregnancy and labour, having a doula eased the biggest component that can’t be predicted – the level of FEAR I had. Every step of the way Toni was there for me. She was informative in the most clear and concise way. She was so very supportive with out being intrusive of any decision making. I will say that it is because of her that I didn’t doubt myself or my body and kept to my birth plan (as much as possible!) My husband was actually pretty hesitant at the idea of hiring a doula, but once he met Toni his mind was changed. For a first time mom, my labour experience was as smooth as it was because of her and my decision to hire a doula. If I’m lucky enough to have a second child, I would continue to utilize this amazing resource that is Toni!

Daniella & Giancarmen

When we were trying to decide if a Doula was right for us we had met with several woman to see if there was a connection we could establish and someone we felt comfortable with. After meeting with Toni there was no doubt in our minds that we had found the perfect fit for us, however my partner and mother were still a little unsure what the purpose of a Doula was, and where this person fit into the equation. After several prenatal appointments with Toni and receiving all very useful information to help us before, during and after labour, my husband was convinced. When D-day arrived all of us really got to see how invaluable having Toni as a support person was. Not only did she help me directly during my labour, she also helped my partner and mother by directing them when they were unsure what to do, giving them relief time to rest, and being an emotional support to everyone when my labour took an unexpected turn. She was truly our ROCK during the entire experience and I have never met such a genuine and compassionate person, this made it very easy to be open with her during this experience. Toni really exceeded our expectations with all the information, knowledge, support and professionalism we received from her, before, during and after our pregnancy/birth. We feel truly blessed to have had Toni come into our lives and will definitely be using her as our Doula for all of our future pregnancies. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND TONI BOTAS if you are looking for Doula services!

Tanya & Adam

Having Toni as my doula was an incredible experience. I wasn’t sure what kind support she would offer while labouring at home, but if I had known, I would have called her to come over even earlier in the process! Once she arrived at my house, I instantly felt more at ease, and confident that I would be able to handle the unknown labour pains to come. She brought an arsenal of essential oils and offered very therapeutic and relaxing massage for various areas of my aching body. Toni was able to take care of all the timing of contractions and allowed me to just sink into each contraction and focus on bringing my baby closer to the outside world. I felt completely comfortable knowing she was in charge of things. I even managed to have a wonderful nap before we went to the hospital because she managed to make me so relaxed. Once we arrived at the hospital, Toni continued to offer a wonderful strength that I was able to draw from throughout every stage. Even though I was so focused and drawn inside myself as the contractions swelled, I could hear Toni telling me how strong I was, or how I am doing wonderful, or that each contraction brought me one step closer to my baby. I am not the kind of person who wants a “cheerleader” in these types of situations. Specifically, someone who is unnecessarily cheery when all I want to do is give up and give in. Toni provided the perfect kind of calm support that reminded me that I could do this, even when I began to lose faith in myself. Toni also managed to take wonderful pictures of various moments throughout labour. The quality of the images is wonderful, and these are pictures that I and my family will be able to enjoy forever. There is nothing like having a picture of your vernix-coated baby’s head totally emerged! I am confident that the birth of my daughter would not have been as awesome without Toni. I would recommend her service to anyone hoping for an empowered birth experience!

Kim & Greg

My husband, Corey and I worked with Toni throughout the duration of my pregnancy and birth of our son James. Toni made every visit personal and full of information. She always had an agenda and was flexible with the knowledge she shared based on what our questions and concerns were at that given time in my pregnancy. She very naturally made Corey and I feel at ease each step of the way.
My labour did not go according to plan when sickness induced me a week early. Toni was prepared and came to my home as soon as we asked her to be there. I didn’t know what I would want from her throughout labour and she was ok with that. She was open to trying things to help make me comfortable and was never offended when something didn’t work for me. Toni really read corey and I throughout the whole labour process and responded appropriately to our cues.
When things didn’t go as I had planned (which I believe is often the case) Toni really helped to make my birthing experience a positive one. Thanks Toni!


Jocelyn & Corey Shelson