A Cold Winter Morning

In the wee hours of a cold winter morning, I drove from Barrie to Newmarket. I arrived at Southlake Regional just after 3:00AM to greet Rebecca and Jai. Rebecca had been in early labour for a couple days. She had been to the hospital the day before, only to be told it wasn’t time yet and to return home until things picked up. When her water had broken late the night before, she was so relieved to know that it was finally go-time. They arrived at labour & delivery already in active labour. When she was brought into her labour room she decided she needed some rest and opted to get an epidural.

When I checked in at registration, I found out they were both sound asleep in their labour room, so I headed to the waiting room. I hung out in there for a  bit because I knew how important sleep was for everyone. Rebecca woke up an hour or so after I arrived and texted me that she was feeling some pressure in her bum. When I greeted them in the labour room, the air was calm, yet cheery. Jai was giddy about meeting his little girl. Rebecca was in a more pensive state. She knew that she still had a journey that lay ahead to bring her baby earthside.

The “Rest and Be Thankful” Stage

We chatted about life and love. Rebecca lay patiently waiting for her baby to descend and the pushing phase to start. She was assessed and told that she was 10cm. Her nurse explained they would wait for baby to descend in hopes that the pushing phase would be shortened. My doula’s heart sang when hearing that because I’ve seen the effects that a lengthy pushing phase can have on a mama and baby.

My favourite part about this labour was when Rebecca asked me to hand her her cellphone in between her pushes. She wanted to get a shot of what she was doing to post to facebook, and post it she did! So of course, I had to get a photo of her taking that photo, hahaha.

She’s Here

Scout was born, Jai cried, and although she needed a little bit of help to start crying, she was placed on her mother’s chest once the nurses were able to get a good cry out of her. She stayed there and breastfed like a champ right from her first latch. Dad was able to hold her for some much needed daddy-daughter bonding moments while mom got comfortable and had something to eat.

Although Scout labour and delivery was textbook, mom had a bit of a scare with a PPH hemorrhage after being sent home from the hospital. She had to return to the hospital, have retained placenta removed, and a few blood transfusions. I am happy to announce that all is well with Rebecca, Jai, and Scout and they are finally back home, enjoy life as a new family. Big brother Ryder (fur baby) is also loving the newest addition to the family and gets upset when he hears his baby crying.


Enjoy your beautiful baby girl Rebecca and Jai, it was a privilege and honour to be able to support you throughout your pregnancy and birth.


Author: Toni Botas

Toni is the founder and owner of Bien Aime. Her own birth experiences led her to become a doula. Her first was traumatic and left her with PTSD. Determined not to replicate that experience, she did her research and took her second birth into her own hands, which resulted in a much more positive experience. By her third pregnancy, she knew exactly what she wanted and, with the support of a doula, had an exceptionally redeeming, empowering, and life-changing experience. It was proof of what’s possible with the right support and information – and she now works to help other women birth with confidence on their own terms. In addition to being a bebo mia-certified doula, she is also a Certified Childbirth Educator and Gentlebirth Instructor®, and certified professional member of Evidence Based Birth®. She lives in Barrie with her husband and three children.